Arrive at the Club as per the existing COVID-19 rules (out front). The coach will direct you where to go.

For classes that have four or fewer athletes participating, the default workout location will be the fenced in “porch” area in front of the Club. This might change based on the programmed workout; final say on workout location is up to the coach.

Open gym athletes have the option of working out on the porch or in the parking lot workout area; classes take priority, and we can only have four athletes total on the porch, so please check in with the coach on duty, as they’ll have the best handle on upcoming class size.

The definition of “indoors” is up for debate at this point; some folks are saying that you are outdoors as long as you have “open and unrestricted access” to the outside. Others are saying that “indoors” is strictly “the interior space of a building.” Our interpretation is that if you are close enough to our giant open roll up doors to feel the wind on your cheek, you are outside for all practical purposes. What this means: if you are working out primarily on the porch, you can come just inside for movements that you cannot do outside (pull-ups, for example, on the first or second set of pull-up bars), but the majority of your workout should be conducted outside. Whatever you do, please respect other athletes, and remember that you are wearing a mask and washing your hands to protect others, not yourself.

For workouts in the parking lot area:

  • If you do not want to touch the amazingly clean and disinfected parking lot surface with your body, please grab one of our pink yoga mats and take it with you. We will try and minimize movements that require body to ground contact, but the mats will give you some options.
  • Bring a towel with you; this will give you some additional protection from the parking lot surface and / or your yoga mat.
  • Do not drop bare barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, or any metal objects onto the asphalt or concrete (on the porch). This includes letting the barbell end drop to the ground when you are changing weights. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT; our barbells won’t last three weeks out there without some love.
  • You can bring one of the small squares of rubber out with you if you’re going to “ground” DB or KB during movements (DB Snatches, for example). Those squares will be your target during movements. Again, the goal is to minimize metal to ground contact.
  • Enter the Club from the parking lot through the east (Liv Juice bar) door; enter the parking lot from the Club through the west (taco shop) door.
  • Be noise sensitive for our alley neighbors, please! San Diego has a noise ordinance; we can get all loud and obnoxious starting at 700AM sharp. Before that time, NO DROPPING barbells or loud music in the back parking lot. On the patio…go for it. You’ll never drown out F45.

Gentle reminder to please wipe down all of your equipment; a member sent a photo of a pair of rings that were completely covered with chalk. Uncool. Clean up after yourself, it’s not too much to ask.