A few more schedule tweaks:

  1. The 930AM class and Open Gym period are cancelled going forward.
  2. Morning Open Gym periods have been adjusted to line up with the class start times. The Open Gym period starting at 745AM is now an hour and 45 minutes long. Open Gym will end at 930AM starting on Monday.
  3. The noon class is back, as well as a noon Open Gym period; this change goes into effect this Wednesday, 6/24. Regular class caps apply (10 / 5).
    As always, the schedule page on our website has the most up to date information (you can also RSVP from there by clicking on the class you want to attend).

Starting Monday, dogs are welcome back at the Club, but they have to be leashed on the porch. Keep in mind that it isn’t shady out there this time of year, so please take that into account before you decide to bring them.

Thanks! And have a great weekend – a great place to start is our Saturday, 930AM or Sunday, 1030AM classes!