Hillcrest Athletic Club Nutrition Challenge

What are you waiting for?
Challenge starts in:

Struggling to lose body fat?

Tried (and failed at) multiple fad diet schemes?

Want to learn health and nutrition habits that are actually sustainable?

Then this nutrition challenge is for YOU!

What you do:

Eat Paleo OR (if you’ve already experimented with Paleo) ketogenic for 33 days, and work out with intensity 3+ times per week.

What you get:
  1. A one-on-one 30-minute nutrition counseling session
  2. 5 weeks of unlimited Boot Camp classes (see our schedule page for class days and times)
  3. Detailed guidance on how to eat Paleo or ketogenic safely and effectively
  4. Customizable meal plans and recipes for the first two weeks
  5. A supportive community of folks just like you who are on the same journey together and will help hold you accountable to achieve the results you want
  6. Knowledge and habits you can carry with you to help you continue to easily burn fat and keep it off for the rest of your life
  • Saturday, June 6th, 930AM: Kick off Meeting, Workout, “Before” Pictures
  • Monday, June 8th: Challenge Starts
  • Friday, July 10th: Challenge Ends
  • Saturday, July 11th, 930AM: Final Workout, “After” Pictures, Brunch

Members: $125
Non-Members: $150
If you successfully participate in and complete the Challenge, $75 of your cost will be refunded!

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What people are saying:

Hey guys, I am really enjoying the challenge and I’m seeing great results! After about the first week I lost 5lbs! It’s also getting easier to plan out my meals and get the right percentages by repeating meals. This has been a great opportunity for an alcohol break too! Waking up on the weekends, feeling energetic and well slept is a major benefit. And when I go out with friends it’s easy to say I’m doing a challenge with my gym to avoid the pressure to drink.


This is a points-based challenge. On a daily basis, you’ll record your activities on a shared Google spreadsheet. Points are awarded as follows:

  • 7 points for eating according to your chosen plan all day
  • 3 points for working out (cap of 12 points per week)
  • 2 points for “bonus” activities (stretch session, drinking water, getting sleep, eating fish oil)
  • 2 points for community support activities (cap of 8 points per week)
  • 25 points / week for keeping a complete and accurate food log (first two weeks only)
  • Bonus points for completing both the kick-off workout and the final workout (50 point cap)

You can get a maximum of 497 points; to complete the challenge, you need to participate until the last day and score at least 400 points.

Fine Print:

There is a cap of 25 participants. If you cannot attend the kick-off or final workouts, please contact us and we can make arrangements for you to participate at a different date / time. All sign ups close the Wednesday prior to kick off at midnight.

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