Hey all! We’ve been hard at work preparing our reopening plan and getting the Club ready for resuming operations safely and effectively. Please take the time to read these guidelines in their entirety so you understand what to expect from us, and what we’re asking you to do.

It’s important to note that all of these changes are temporary, and we’ve erred on the side of caution. As things change and restrictions are lifted, we’ll continue to evaluate our policies and procedures to make sure that we can continue to move towards “normal” procedures safely.


Home WODs will continue to be programmed, and we’ll still be providing pre-class coaching videos released to social media the night before, but we will be discontinuing the Zoom classes.

Cross Train (All Levels)

M-F: 630AM, 930AM, 330PM, 530PM

Saturday: 930AM

Sunday: 1030AM

  • Classes are capped at 10 athletes + 1 coach
  • Classes are 1 hour long
  • We will evaluate class loads on a daily basis and add more classes the following day as demand dictates
  • Help Mike help you: if you are constantly seeing a particular class time filling up rapidly, email and let us know if there’s an adjacent time that would work for you. With sufficient demand, we’ll add that class to the following days’ schedule.

Open Gym

M-F: 630AM to 1030AM, 330PM to 630PM

  • 1-hour sessions are capped at 15 athletes + 1 coach
  • Open Gym is held concurrent with classes, but those sessions will be limited to 5 Open Gym athletes
  • If Club capacity permits, you can extend your session beyond your initial hour, but you can only RSVP for one Open Gym session

Boot Camp

Boot Camp classes will be discontinued until further notice; Boot Camp athletes should attend the All Levels Cross Train classes or Open Gym sessions instead. Boot Camp members who have continued their membership with us through the shutdown will maintain their Boot Camp rate.


  • Coaches perform self-screening (temperature and symptoms) prior to arrival at the Club
  • RSVP in WODHOPPER; no exceptions. If you haven’t RSVPd, you CANNOT come into the Club.
  • RSVP will be available 48 hours prior to the scheduled class or session
  • Athletes perform a self-assessment (temperature and symptoms) within 24 hours of arriving
  • Review the workout prior to arriving so you’ll know what to expect and can make appropriate equipment selection
  • Wash your hands at home
  • Use the restroom at home
  • Prepare your “kit bag” (water, personal towel, headband / bandanna, mask, lifting shoes, chalk, wraps, etc.)


  • Arrive 5-10 minutes prior to class start time (this includes concurrent Open Gym), and stage at the front of the Club on the sidewalk side of the “porch” fence
  • Maintain 6 feet of distance from other athletes
  • Masks on at all times except when you are working out
  • Wait for the Coach to let you into the Club; the Coach will assign you a workout station based on your preference of rowing, biking, running, jump rope, and pull-up bar height
  • Proceed immediately to one of the taped off workout stations; take your “kit bag” with you
  • If you arrive for Open Gym during a scheduled class, you will have to wait until class is over to be let into the Club


  • Coaches will pre-stage some of the equipment, and will release athletes to get additional equipment in waves
  • Do not leave your workout station without the permission of the Coach unless it’s an emergency
  • Do not enter another athlete’s station
  • If you can’t see the workout board, use the “Scoreboard” page in WODHOPPER on your phone to bring the workout up
  • Face the wall to the maximum extent possible; avoid working out while facing other athletes
  • Coaches and patrons should avoid shaking hands, bumping fists or elbows, and other physical contact


  • Record your score in WODHOPPER on your phone
  • Use the spray bottles and towels at your station to thoroughly clean any equipment that you came into contact with, including pull-up bars
  • Wipe down your wall area if you breathed in that direction
  • Put used towels in the marked collection baskets
  • Depart out the front of the Club; do NOT go through the kitchen area
  • Coaches mop used workout station floors


  • Coaches should wash hands on arrival at work, after working with each fitness facility member, after touching their face covering, after using the restroom, and when leaving work.
  • Roll up doors will be open and fans will be on at all times to maximize airflow throughout the Club
  • Bikes and rowers will be staged on the “porch” unless they are being used for WODs
  • Showers will be closed
  • Water station will be closed
  • We will not be accepting cash or checks; credit card payments only
  • We will not be signing anyone up at the Club; former members, contact Mike via text or email to restart your membership. New members can sign up online starting 6/22.
  • No pets will be allowed
  • Sinks could be an infection source and athletes should avoid placing hairbrushes and other items directly on counter surfaces
  • Coaches and athletes must inform our business if they fall ill due to COVID-19 so we can assist the City of San Diego in contact tracing efforts


  • Coaches must maintain a minimum of six feet of physical distance from clients
  • Personal trainers must use face coverings and avoid any close contact
  • Clients are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering while receiving instruction
  • Coach and client must RSVP for an Open Gym session via WODHOPPER