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The Hillcrest Athletic Club is a neighborhood gym that focuses on instructor-led group fitness classes. We offer high intensity (CrossFit) and moderate intensity (Boot Camp) classes, as well as an Olympic lifting focused Barbell Club (included in your CrossFit membership) and nutrition workshops and challenges. For experienced lifters or CrossFit athletes, we also offer an Open Gym option. All of our programs focus on building strength and are designed to increase your overall health and fitness by also improving endurance, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

What sets us apart from other fitness training facilities in the area? Our highly trained and experienced Coaches are some of the best in San Diego; our workouts are professionally programmed and integrated into 8-week training cycles that focus on improving all areas of performance; and our community of athletes are friendly, engaging, and extremely welcoming of new members. We provide you with motivation, expert Coaching, and a supportive cadre of like-minded athletes – that’s a combination few other gyms can match.

Our facility is top-notch, with a wide variety of functional fitness training equipment – including sleds to push, ropes to climb, kettlebells to swing, and boxes to jump on. We also have brand new restroom and shower facilities, so even if you have a busy schedule, we can get you a great workout and back to work in about an hour.

We believe in the potential, capacity, and dignity of every athlete, regardless of race, creed, or gender identity. Every person deserves a place to work out that allows them to feel respected, welcomed, included, and valued, and we are committed to creating that space. As such, we are proud to be an LGBTQ and gender-inclusive facility.

What We Offer


CrossFit classes consist of movements from a variety of modalities. They include Olympic lifts, gymnastics, plyometrics, powerlifting, kettlebell training, and much, much more. They may appear daunting, but the workouts can easily be tailored to all fitness levels by decreasing the weight, duration, or intensity of the movements. Workouts will vary in length from less than 5 minutes to more than 30 minutes, and all classes will include instruction and practice in various skills and strength exercises.

Boot Camp

Our Boot Camp classes are moderate intensity and don’t utilize barbells or gymnastics. The workouts will usually last between 20 and 30 minutes, and focus on body weight movements, kettlebells, medicine balls, and a variety of aerobic exercises (such as running, rope jumping, or rowing). There is some overlap between Boot Camp and CrossFit movements, so this can be a good introduction if you think jumping right into CrossFit classes might be too much for you.

Barbell Club/Olympic Lifting

CrossFit has helped increase the worldwide interest in Olympic lifting, elevating it from a niche sport to a rapidly-growing phenomenon. If you’ve never experienced the sublime beauty of a perfectly executed snatch or clean and jerk, we can help you get there! Our Barbell Club is open to experienced CrossFitters or Olympic Lifters; classes last an hour to an hour and a half (see our schedule page for details) and focus on incremental improvements to your technique.

Nutrition and Weight Loss

Most folks don’t realize that looking good in your jeans is 20% sweat and 80% what you put in your mouth. Gyms that only offer you a workout aren’t doing you any favors. Included in our membership are a variety of nutritional challenges, weight loss clinics, and daily information you can use to make smart, healthy, and delicious food choices. If your goal is weight loss, your first stop should be Hillcrest Athletic Club.

Personal Training

We recognize that group classes aren’t for everyone. Some folks need a more personal touch in a one-on-one setting. From tailored nutrition plans to workout schedules that help you focus on developing your specific strengths, our personal trainers will help you achieve your health and fitness goals – quickly and efficiently.

Let’s Do This!

We have multiple options to help you get started, no matter what your pace is.




Open Gym


  • For Experienced Olympic Lifters and / or CrossFitters ONLY
  • Skills Assessment Required ($100)
  • Only Available During Scheduled Class Times when the Club is Open
  • On a Not-to-Interfere Basis with Structured Classes

CrossFit Fundamentals

  • $250 for an Individual
  • $175 per Person for a Group
  • $199 to Transition from AFBC to CrossFit Hillcrest

All Monthly Memberships include: Nutrition Challenges, Bring a Friend,  and Discounts on Workshops/Clinics.

Membership discounts are available to First Responders, Military, Teachers, and Students (10%). Spouses or partners of current members receive a 25% discount (one discount per couple). Discounts cannot be combined.

We offer a 10% loyalty discount per month for Barbell Club and CrossFit memberships to athletes that have been members for more than a year. Contact us for details.

Our Trainers

Mike Stoll
Crystal Canez
Dan Lucas
David Barron
Sarah Northart

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1243 University Ave
San Diego, CA  92103